Stem Sel Family

Celector® : our novel technology

Tag-less selection of stem cells

Pierluigi Reschiglian, Andrea Zattoni, Ilaria Vigliotta, Fabio Gnudi, Martina Rossi, Barbara Roda, Silvia Zia, Fabrizio Bugamelli, Marco Vagliviello  

Physical separation of stem cells from various sources.

Do you want to have a closer look inside your sample?

Today cellular biotechnology can rely on a brand new Italian excellence: Stem Sel. We present an innovative and efficient method to select stem cells. We are a university spinoff founded November 2013. Our business then is at its startup phase. Its core activity bases on creating and developing novel, proprietary technologies to decline them into products able to select stem cells from adult tissues with the highest potential, also for future medical use.


Stem Sel business is based on the prototype development, engineering, production, and commercialization of an instrumentation (and related consumables) to select and sort human stem cells from adult, “discarded” tissues (from umbilical cord or placental sources to lipoaspirate or milky teeth) for applications in regenerative medicine.