Celector is a device that implements an innovative and patented technology developed for the isolation, separation and selection/sort of human stem cells from different tissues such as “discarded” tissues (e.g. placenta, umbilical cord, lipoaspirate, dental pulp).
Celector allows for stem cell characterization and future use for cell therapy in Regenerative Medicine.
The competitive advantage of Celector® lies in its ability to sort and select stem cells without any cell manipulation.
This is key factor to (1) pass regulatory restrictions, and (2) select/sort stem cells for which there are not, as yet, efficient technologies on the market. Indeed, the main competitor technologies such as the flow-assisted cell sorting (FACS) and the magnetic-assisted cell sorting (MACS®, Miltenyi Corp.) manipulate stem cell using immunomarkers. Immunomarkers moreover are often not available to efficiently select/sort multipotent stem cells such as MSCs. Compared to the competitor technologies on the market, Celector® also presents the following key advantages: lower instrumental investment, lower operation and maintenance costs, disposable cell fractionation device, total preservation of cell viability, reduced operation times.

Celector® is our novel technology for cell separation that has the key advantage to sort both cells from rough tissues rough and ex vivo cultured cells without any sort of manipulation. […] Principles (1112 downloads)