Stem Sel

Stem Sel Srl is a spin off founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs belonging from the University of Bologna, and participated from AlmaCube Srl and investors. The business of Stem Sel is based on the development, engineering, production and commercialization of an instrumentation (and related consumables), called Celector. Celector is based on an innovative and patented technology for the tag-less separation and selection of human stem cells from adult "discarded" tissues (e.g. placenta, umbilical cord, lipoaspirate, dental pulp) for stem cell therapy applications in regenerative medicine.

Innovative features
Celector is based on innovative and unique technologies for an high technological content sector with high growth market prospects, as the stem cell therapies. Celector is addressed to public and private research laboratories that deal with the characterization of stem cells and cell factories and cell banks that manipulate and produce stem cells for therapies and cell transplants. The competitive advantage of Celector lies in its ability to sort and select stem cells without any manipulation and no immunolabeling, allowing to overcome regulatory restrictions and select the stem cells for which there are no efficient technologies on the market. This innovative technology cellects stem cells only thanks to physical properties. The absence of labeling avoids the possible cellular alteration and preserves their native regenerative power. Customers of the first version of Celector are producers of stem cell based preparations for cell therapy (cell factory), companies that collect and preserve stem cells for autologous transplantation (cell bank), and clinical and research laboratories that develop new applications based on stem cells. Industrial customers are the R&D labs for cell banking, manufacturing, and transplantation of stem cells, in particular mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), currently the most promising cells for clinical applications.

Today cellular biotechnology can rely on a brand new Italian excellence: Stem Sel. We present an innovative and efficient method to select stem cells. […] About Us (1144 downloads)