STEM SEL – Novel technologies for stem cell industry

2014-10-16 15:29:04

Stem Sel Srl is a spinoff of byFlow Srl and of the University of Bologna, Italy, which develops novel technologies for sorting living cells. The current core business is based on the
prototype development, engineering, production, and commercialization of the product Celector. This is an instrumentation (and related consumables) based on a novel, proprietary
technology to select and sort human stem cells from adult and “discarded” tissues. Sorted stem cells can be cultured and directly used or committed to differentiated cells for
applications in cell therapy. The advantage of Celector lies in its ability to sort and select stem cells without any cell manipulation. This is key factor allows to pass regulatory
restrictions, and select/sort stem cells for which there are not efficient technologies on the market. Existing technologies, Fluorescence/magnetic-activated cell sorting (FACS/MACS),
manipulate cells using immunomarkers, that are often not available to efficiently select multipotent stem cells (MSCs).
Compared to the competitor technologies on the market, Celector also presents the following key advantages: total preservation of cell viability, disposable cell fractionation device, lower
instrumental investment, lower operation and maintenance costs, reduced operation times.
The business plan involves the following phases, and it aims the following goals:
Engineering of the relevant instrumentation at a precompetitive level;
Ready-to-market development;
Small-scale commercialization (start-up production phase).
The proprietary technology is currently implemented in a Celector lab-prototype. Activities for phase (1) include development of the prototype, development of the stem cell sorting
protocols, and new applications of the implemented technology. Phase (2) and (3) will be reached by a mix of make-or-buy actions. Phase (4) will target clients among companies,
hospitals and research institutions running trials and applications on MSCs.

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