About us

Stem Sel® is a spin-off company of the University of Bologna active in the development, production and sale of Celector® - the cell chromatograph. The product is based on a patented technology for "tagless" cell characterization, quality control and separation of living cells, in particular of human cells from discarded adult tissues (eg: placenta, umbilical cord blood, lipoaspirates).


Celector® is a patented instrument for separation, live cell-imaging and collection of human cells. Many adult stem cell systems lack good markers, functional assays, or both: labelling cannot guarantee stemness selection. Celector® exploits the basic principles of chromatography to provide a label-free separation of cells based only on their native physical properties: dimensions, morphology and density.

Population ageing, injuries, cancer surgery: regenerative therapies for humans and pets are strongly expanding. We need the best quality and safety in what we use to regenerate: cells. Celector® is the only instrumentation for quality control and non-invasive isolation of stem cells, for maximum safety towards a "regeneration" future.


Stem Sel® has been made possible by its founding entrepreneurs, the AlmaCube Srl incubator, and private investors/shareholders. The founding entrepreneurs are academic researchers who have previous experience in business, as well as several years of academic research experience in the field of technology and chemistry/bioanalysis


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