Population ageing, injuries, cancer surgery: regenerative therapies for humans and pets are strongly expanding. We need the best quality and safety in what we use to regenerate: cells. Celector® is the only instrumentation for quality control and non-invasive isolation of stem cells, for maximum safety towards a "regeneration" future.

Celector® is a patented instrument for separation, live cell-imaging and collection of human cells.

Many adult stem cell systems lack good markers, functional assays, or both: labelling cannot guarantee stemness selection. Celector® exploits the basic principles of chromatography to provide a label-free separation of cells based only on their native physical properties: dimensions, morphology and density.

These are peculiar for every cell population, or even subpopulation.

Additionally, the absence of immuno-labelling avoids signalling cascade activation, maintains the native cell physiology and preserves stem cells full regenerative potential.

During the separation process, a high-resolution camera allows to visualize and record eluting cells like frames of a movie: Celector® can capture single frames to be stored in a customized library for post processing analysis.

The fluidic core of Celector®, based on Stem Sel's exclusive, patented technology, is developed in partnership with Burkert, world leader in fluid control systems.
Burkert presents Stem Sel® as a success story of designing new fluidic solutions for biomedical instrumentation in co-development with an outstanding innovative startup.