Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property

Celector® is based on a technology patented in Italy (no. IT1371772, “Method and Device for splitting totipotent stem cells”), in USA, and in Canada (no. 8263359 US en. CA2649234, “Method and device for splitting stem cells”). These patents are property of the University of Bologna, with exclusive license issued to Stem Sel® for the entire duration of the patents.

Stem Sel® has also an Italian patent (VI2414AOOO314, allowed 2016) for the fluidic device that implements the technology already patented.

The device ensures high productivity and cell recovery, which are basic requirements for future development of the instrumental versions for clinical use.

In August 2015, the patent application has been extended to PCT (PCT/IB2015/056195), and in February 2017 in the following countries:

  • Europe (patent application No. 15767304);
  • Canada (No. 2958118, allowed 2018);
  • China (patent application No. 201550056727);
  • Japan (No. 2017-510407, notice of allowance 2019);
  • South Korea (patent application No. 2017-7006398);
  • USA (patent application No. 15/503449).